Gscene LGBTQ Election hustings: the candidates respond


The G-Scene News Team has written to all candidates, in all three Brighton & Hove constituencies, asking them all the same question.

We shall share their answers with you. Today we hear from Robert Nemeth, The Conservative Party, Hove and Portslade

”What do you see as the challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton&Hove, and how would you address them in Parliament if we elect you to represent us?”

To somebody living outside of Brighton & Hove, the LGBT community would not seem to face many problems here.

In 2019, Pride attracted 450,000 visitors who, whether LGBT or not, came to enjoy the parades, the entertainment and the friendly carnival atmosphere. As an international spiritual home of the community with the largest LGBT festival in the country, all might seem rosy.

However, I know from many friends and, indeed, LGBT members of my own campaigning team, that the community also faces serious problems. The glitter of Pride hides the homophobic attacks which the community suffers at the time and throughout the year. As an active City Councillor, such reports have been brought to my attention all too often.

Especially vulnerable are the homeless who sleep rough a quarter of whom are estimated to be gay or trans. They often suffer a double disadvantage in that they can face hostility and violence from others sleeping rough on account of their sexuality.

I supported the legalisation of gay marriage under the Coalition. As a Member of Parliament, I would work to end all discrimination against the LGBT community. The Conservative Party is pledged to increase police funding and numbers, is most welcome news locally.

With this in mind, I would argue for more police patrols, especially in areas of risk. Those who are caught verbally or physically abusing members of the LGBT community should be treated no more leniently than those who are guilty of racial and religious abuse.

I am proud to live in a city with such a thriving LGBT community – one that makes a huge contribution to all walks of life, that has particularly shone in the entertainment, hospitality and media sectors. Long may this continue!